Hi my name is Rory Seek I am the inventor of worldsbestcatbox.com There are a lot of reasons I want worldsbestcatbox.com to be a huge success, but mostly it is about giving back and giving to the less fortunate. Because I love helping people. I am a Home care provider for my two disabled brothers and since my wife died June 16 ,2016 my mission is to make worldsbestcatbox.com a house hold name. Because the product truly is worldsbestcatbox.com and also because it solves the biggest problem that every single cat owner in the world has, that is that awful odor that you get with cats. With worldsbestcatbox.com cat owners can spend more time loving their cats instead of cleaning up after them. Because with worldsbestcatbox.com there is no more cleaning the box daily and no more odor ever.

The mission for worldsbestcatbox.com is to have a TV show called (You got a friend.) Like the voice where people vote for the best singer. Only with this TV show we vote for the family who needs the most help. For instance lets say there is a lady with three kids and her husband passed away. We will ask home builders to donate houses and they will because it is a tax write off and it is a good public relations move and if they do not the backup plan is we will buy them from the Government or the banks at 30 to 50 cents on the dollar. We will take this lady and her three kids and put her in to this house to live for free for two years there are two catches:

(1) She has to better herself by going to nursing school or something so she can support herself. We will let her live in the House until she can support herself for a year or two.

(2) She must do an act of kindness for someone else.

Also people will write in to the show to tell us about people who need help. That is where we find the people in need.


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